We’re back.

(I hope you’re envisioning Michael Jordan circa 1995 and his famous two-word fax…)

In an effort to inject positive change into a year filled with oodles of negative change, at the end of December 2020, Best Friend and I changed zip codes from 60622 to 37402. Just for…

This is what I saw three years ago that gave me the “This is it tingles” when I drove onto a weird alley-street with a mural of a bear eating a pizza. I had looked at about 30 properties, from one bedroom apartments to single family homes, Little Italy to…

The inquiry I get the most, from friends and strangers, is some form of: “I’m looking for a job. Wondering if you can offer some guidance?”

Yes, yes I can.

Job Search Guidance

Host a comfy event

Have a dinner party with people from all walks of life, people from different circles, with connected, innovative, resourceful, out…

I love lists.

I love being self-employed.

I love hearing all the “Are you kidding me?!” perks of my 9 to 5 friends. Love in an “envious, why am I riding the self-employed rollercoaster, maybe should I go back to 9 to 5” way.

Context: I come from four years…

Life of Yes℠ Disclaimer

If you take anything away from this, let it be: “You do you.”

These are my thoughts, my opinions, what works for me. You may disagree. You may do the complete opposite. Cool, cool. I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m not saying I’m right. My way isn’t the way; it’s…

A friend recently posted that she’s considering becoming a certified coach.

A few days later, in the “How to successfully switch careers” edition of her newsletter, she reflected: “I thought I’d have to return to school to get a job at a nonprofit and that wasn’t true. …

I’ve bristled twice recently in relation to my business.

Bristle One

Someone whom I’ve known for about three years asked incredulously, “You make money doing Mac & Cheese?”

I stared back with a “How do you think I bought that chair you’re sitting in?” stare. …

I’ve had many highlight moments over my years.

Being surprised in elementary school by my Aunt with a trip to Disney World (who also surprised me with an adorable tiny red convertible once we arrived). Walking through Cabrini Green as a high school student with a WGN TV crew, as…

I would like to make more money. I would like money deposited into my bank account every two weeks. I would like catered lunch and a matching 401K program and paid vacation. And and and.

That said.

If I made $1.5 gazillionbillion but never had my heart squeezed and tears…

I am a fast reader. But this bookmark has been in about the same spot for about a year and a half.

I just haven’t been able to get into this book —
I’ve brought it on trips. “Oh when I’m on the plane, I’ll definitely be into it.” Never…

Saya Hillman

Mac & Cheese Productions℠: space for you to build connection to others, opportunities, & self. Speaker, facilitator, consultant, teacher, writer. #LifeOfYes

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